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Theo Michel

International Tax Practice


New Jersey Tax Attorney Firm – International Tax Advisor

Joining us from France, Theo Michel serves as an International Tax Advisor with our firm. Mr. Michel handles an expansive range of tax concerns impacting individual taxpayers and organizations conducting business domestically and abroad.  In particular, he assists clients in their efforts to comply with the complex income reporting requirements applicable to foreign accounts and assets.  He also works with senior attorneys at our firm to advise clients on matters involving cross-border investments, domestic and foreign trusts, and international tax compliance treaties and agreements. 

Fluent in French, Mr. Michel is particularly well positioned to assist clients from France and other French-speaking nations.


  • Business Tax Law
  • Criminal Tax Law
  • International Tax
  • IRS Audits & Litigation
  • Offshore Bank Accounts
  • Wealth & Estate Planning
  • FATCA Tax Law

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