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Archive by Year:2018

Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn - 5 Things You Should Know From the Paul Manafort Trial

Offshore Account Update

Posted in on August 2, 2018

Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn was recently asked by a DC news source to comment on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial taking place in a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Thinking About Opening an Offshore Account? Here's What You Need to Know

Offshore Account Update

Posted in on July 27, 2018

If you are considering investing any of your funds in an offshore account, you should talk with a New Jersey international tax attorney before you make the decision to open the account. Investing offshore has become much more complicated in recent years thanks to global efforts to fight tax evasion.  While there are still ample reasons to make investments in foreign financial institutions, there is a lot to consider about what obligations you're taking on when you open an account at a foreign bank.

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The Bahamas May Be Losing Its Status as a Premier Offshore Financial Center

Offshore Account Update

Posted in on June 29, 2018

Across the globe, there are certain locations that have favorable banking, finance, and tax laws. Historically, many investors have put their money into financial institutions in these locations. There are a wide variety of motivations for investing in these different jurisdictions, but one of the reasons why people have put their money into these offshore locales is to hide their funds from taxing authorities.

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New IRS Groups Are Helping to Bring More Criminal Charges

Hot Topics

Posted in on May 31, 2018

A New Jersey criminal tax lawyer provides representation to clients who have been accused of wrongdoing by the IRS. An attorney can also help those who are not in full compliance with tax laws to explore options, such as voluntary disclosure, which could potentially help to reduce penalties and reduce the likelihood of prosecution.

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Offshore Task Force Cracks Down on Tax Evasion

Offshore Account Update

Posted in on April 30, 2018

Individuals with offshore funds have had a lot to be concerned about in recent years as the IRS has been aggressively going after people with accounts at foreign financial institutions who failed to comply with reporting requirements.

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