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Archive by Month: May 2014 - Page 2

Swiss Banks Continue to Send Letters to U.S. Taxpayers with Undisclosed Offshore Accounts!

Offshore Account Update

Posted in on May 18, 2014

Swiss banks are continuing to send letters to U.S. Taxpayers with undisclosed Swiss accounts encouraging them to come forward and declare their undisclosed offshore accounts or be closed out.

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Credit Suisse and U.S. Department of Justice Reportedly In Negotiations for Possible Settlement: Time Running Out For U.S. Account Holders To Disclose Foreign Accounts

Press Releases

Posted in on May 13, 2014

Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of the Thorn Law Group discusses the recent negotiations between the U.S. Department of Justice and Swiss bank Credit Suisse and the effect that any potential settlement may have on the rest of the banking community and the U.S. Taxpayers who still may have undisclosed offshore accounts at foreign banks.

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It Is Believed That Credit Suisse May Soon Reach a Deal With the Justice Department, That Will Turn Over U.S. Taxpayer‘s Undisclosed Account Information

Articles/News, Offshore Account Update

Posted in on May 9, 2014

If Credit Suisse reaches a deal with the Justice Department, the disclosure of U.S. Taxpayers undisclosed offshore account information would be part of the negotiations. This would also put into place the DOJ procedures of the investigations of banks in the future.

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