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Thorn Law Group—a leader among tax law firms—is focused on helping clients resolve sensitive tax disputes, including audits by the Internal Revenue Service and federal tax litigation.  Our firm is highly regarded throughout the greater New York/New Jersey region, across the United States and around the world for our ability to secure positive outcomes for our clients dealing with sophisticated civil and criminal tax law issues.

At Thorn Law Group our New Jersey tax audit lawyers have more than 80 years of collective experience navigating clients through all aspects of IRS audits and federal tax litigation.  Our legal professionals have worked as IRS lawyers and we know how IRS agents conduct audits and enforce U.S. tax laws and regulations.  

When an individual or business is the subject of an IRS audit our firm acts swiftly to ensure that our clients have the legal advice and skilled representation they need at all steps of the process.  Our attorneys are sensitive to our clients’ fears and anxieties.  We take the time to carefully explain what is happening throughout the entire audit and make certain that our clients are fully aware of their legal rights, options and obligations.  

When a controversy cannot be resolved at the IRS audit level, taxpayers may request to have their dispute reviewed by IRS Office of Appeals.  This office serves as a neutral body with the purpose of settling controversies between taxpayers and the IRS without litigation.  

While our firm focuses on using the IRS audits and appeals processes to resolve tax disputes as rapidly as possible, we recognize that certain cases may not be successfully resolved through these administrative procedures.  In these situations, we are prepared to vigorously represent our clients throughout all levels of the federal court system.   

Choosing a Forum for IRS Federal Tax Litigation

When a tax dispute cannot be concluded through the IRS audits and appeals processes, our legal team undertakes a complete review of the case to determine which forum is most appropriate to litigate their IRS tax controversy.  Our New Jersey tax audit lawyers are skilled litigators with extensive experience practicing before the many different federal forums that handle IRS tax cases.  We understand the unique distinctions among these forums and are well versed in the different rules and procedures for litigating cases in each of these courts.  

  • The U.S. Tax Court: In most situations, IRS federal tax cases are heard before the U.S. Tax Court.  This court exclusively handles tax controversies and all cases are heard by single judge experienced in tax law.  Taxpayers are not required to pre-pay their tax deficiencies; payments are not required until after the Tax Court renders a final decision and all appeals to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are complete.
  • The U.S. District Courts: Before a taxpayer is permitted to bring a case in a U.S. District Court, the taxpayer must have exhausted all IRS administrative remedies available.  Additionally, unlike the U.S. Tax Court, the taxpayer is required to fully pre-pay the tax deficiency prior to litigating the dispute.  The U.S. District Courts are unique in that they are the only forum where the case may be tried before a jury.
  • The U.S. Court of Federal Claims: Taxpayers also have the option to have their case heard before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  In the Court of Federal Claims cases will be heard by a single judge and taxpayers are required to pre-pay the tax amount due before the case can be heard.  

If you have concerns related to an IRS audit or would like to discuss a tax-related matter with our experienced New Jersey tax audit lawyers contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group at 201-355-8202.

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