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IRS Continues to Investigate Offshore Accounts: IRS Amnesty Program Way Out!

Offshore Account Update, UBS / HSBC

Posted on July 15, 2011 |

The IRS’s New Amnesty Program can help individuals with undisclosed accounts avoid incarceration but the program expires on August 31, 2011.  I believe this is the perfect time for taxpayers with undisclosed accounts to take advantage of the IRS’s New Amnesty Program for undisclosed offshore accounts.

DOJ has recently indicted more UBS account holders and continues to investigate other banks around the world.  The pressure will only intensify going forward as the government obtains more information from banks and individuals.

I would not wait because participation in the Amnesty Program must be completed by August 31, 2011, not just entered!

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have experience in assisting U.S. taxpayers into compliance through voluntary disclosure. If you have an undisclosed offshore account contact Thorn Law Group today.

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