U.S. Tax Court

The United States Tax Court is a specialty court that exclusively hears tax law cases.  Cases are heard before a single Judge, rather than a jury.  The judges in the U.S. Tax Court come to the bench with extensive experience in Government service, private practice or both.  This experience gives them a thorough understanding of tax law issues and, of course, the Internal Revenue Code and its legislative history as well as IRS administrative practice and guidance.

The Tax Court is based in Washington, D.C., but it hears cases nationwide.  Thus, the taxpayer is able to have his or her case heard close to home and does not need to travel to the nation’s capital for trial.  Appeals from the Tax Court are made to the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals where the taxpayer’s residence or principle place of business is located.  For taxpayers in New Jersey, there are Federal court facilities in Camden, Newark and Trenton from which to choose.

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Some of our attorneys have previously served as judicial law clerks on the United States Tax Court. This means when you designate Thorn Law Group as your legal representative, you will have counsel by your side that understands the workings of the Tax Court from the inside. This understanding of practice before the Tax Court is indispensable and has helped many of our clients receive a favorable resolution to their complicated tax issues.

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